Avoid Negativity – Switch Off the News

An alien that landed on Earth and turned on the TV news could be forgiven for jumping straight back into his UFO and going home. Our news paints a grim picture. But is it a true reflection of the human condition?

Sure, a lot of negative stuff goes on in the world. A lot of stuff goes on in the world. But most of that stuff is positive.

If we could count every act of selflessness, kindness, compassion… we’d find they far outweigh the greed, aggression and violence that fill our newspapers and TV screens. The problem is, for some reason, it’s the bad stuff that sells papers and get eyeballs.

If, as seems likely, we become what we think and think what we experience, then watching the constant negativity churned out 24/7 by the multitude of news channels isn’t very good for us. And in the online, digital world of the Internet, cell phone and all the other gizmos it can be hard to escape. And yet with a little effort of Will we can push the off button or click elsewhere.

I’m not saying totally distance yourself from what’s going on. We all need some awareness of the bigger picture, but that awareness can come from a glance at the headlines every day or so and a selective following-up of stories of interest. Of course, you’ll want to know more about your own particular sphere of interest be it business, sport, entertainment, and that’s fine. Just be selective what you let inside your mind.

It might seem unSpiritual to suggest isolating oneself from many problems on this complex planet. But absorbing misery is no the way to make things better. As Wayne Dyer says: “You cannot get sick enough to heal one person…, you cannot get poor enough to make one person wealthy…”

The way to make your contribution is to live your life positively. Discover your purpose, and pursue it vigorously. Look for opportunities to serve those you tread the path with. Your contribution may be as small as holding a door or stopping for a few moment’s pleasantries. But if we all at least started pulling in the same direction the results would be immense.

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